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Meet the best escort agency in the UK

We are Secret Desires, a female-run escort agency that provides exclusive services for independent escorts. We can help you earn more money, market yourself more effectively and get better clients. Our escorts are our priority; we listen to your needs, where you want to be, and then we help you to get there. Apply today to join Secret Desires, and discover for yourself why we are the best escort agency for you.

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The Team

Meet Tina.

Tina is our industry specialist. Having run a successful agency for many years, Tina understands the importance of vetting clients and staying safe whilst at work. We have a very thorough client vetting service and keep in close contact during bookings. The safety and security of our escorts is our number one priority.

Meet Laura.

Laura is our marketing genius, she has years of experience in marketing and advertising. Laura works across the board, working directly with our escorts to help them improve their public-image, generate interest and earn more money.

She also works on our website, social media, advertising and affiliate programs, making us the best we can be all around.

Meet Nikki.

Nikki is our senior manager and one of the kindest, warmest and the most easy-to-talk-to person you could ever meet. Not to mention she’s a successful business owner and entrepreneur herself. Nikki handles lots of our day-to-day with us, working with our escorts and clients to ensure our services are truly top-notch in the industry.

Meet our Award-Winning Photographer.

You may be wondering why we have our own photographer on board. Part of our service to our eligible escorts is a professional model shoot, at no cost to you. We deliver to you beautiful, up-to-date photographs to match your new, exclusive, profile on Secret Desires. We have little to no involvement during your shoot. Our only requirement is that the photographs are tasteful (minimal nudity to tease gentlemen clients).

Our photographer is experienced, kind, non-judgemental and works regularly with professional models, celeb bands and huge brands. She’s an expert at putting even the most nervous escorts at ease, helping you to pose for shots that display your true beauty.


We work with you closely, delivering a tailored service based on your needs and wants, another reason we consider ourselves the best escort agency in the industry. However, because of our tailored services we are limited to how many applications we can accept. If you do not hear back from us, please do not assume that it was because your application was lacking in any way. We simply don’t have the manpower to represent dozens of escorts, at least not without compromising our services, so our intake is very restricted. Because of this, we ask that applicants give us as much detail as possible on the application. You can click here to apply now.


If your application is successful we will contact you to arrange a follow-up interview. Our interviews are informal meet-ups, and take place in public places such as The Hilton Bar & Restaurant or a suitable alternative. Meeting up gives you a chance to ask questions, get to know us and helps us to get to know you. Find out what we can do for you and why we are best escort agency in the UK. You will typically meet Laura and Tina, maybe Nikki too, so you can get a feel for the team before you jump in. Refreshments will be provided, and we expect the interview to last no longer than an hour.


After our meet-up, we will move onto marketing. Your portfolio is your biggest asset. We focus on having it represent your escort identity, with uniqueness and exclusivity. Your escort identity is based on your needs, ensuring you get bookings and dates suited to you. We wouldn’t market you as a party animal if you prefer a quiet night on the sofa. We help you portray an identity you desire, to help you get better and more suited clients. We use the best and most seductive language to help you write a bio that excels any others. You already know you are unique, tempting and desirable, but we can tell everyone else.


Our photoshoots take place only once every few months, as they are prestigious and expensive. We do try to make it a day that is suitable for everyone but if you can’t attend, you may have to wait until the next available date. Our shoots take place at prestigious locations, with our award-winning photographer who will help you reveal the sexy, beautiful and desirable woman that you are. Although we cover the cost of the shoot we do require you to arrive with hair and make-up professionally done, as well as with your own outfits (formal, lingerie etc). We can offer guidance on attire prior to your photoshoot that’s based on your escort identity, but the choice is always ultimately yours.

Getting Bookings

We market our agency as high-class and provide a Gentlemen’s Guide for nervous or unfamiliar clients to read prior to booking. We want to make sure you have the best experience during bookings, and we expect our client’s behaviour to match our own high standards. We offer them advice and guidance before booking, another reason we consider ourselves the best escort agency in the industry. We actively market and advertise you, helping you to build up your identity independently. Whatever you decide to do in the future, build it on a reputation that we can help you start today.

The Future

We don’t simply throw you up on the website and forget all about you. We offer regular tips and advice to all of our escorts, we stay in touch during bookings to ensure safety and we have regular events and incentives planned so that you continue to get the best support from us. When we say our escorts are our priority, we really mean it.

Our Fees

For escorts joining us in 2018, prior to our launch, our fees represent the typical standard in the industry, which is 30% commission. We only request commission from bookings we arrange for you. We guarantee that escorts currently joining us will receive this rate for a minimum of 12 months.

Our Expectations

We would never expect or pressure you to do something you’re uncomfortable with, and we extend this to requests upon bookings. You will never have to justify why you needed to leave a booking and you have the right to turn down bookings you’re uncomfortable with. We are here to support you and help you get a working lifestyle that you want.

We do, however, expect all of our escorts to represent the Secret Desires brand values. We consider ourselves to be the best escort agency in the UK, and as part of our team, we expect you to be the best version of yourself also. It’s important that our escorts are patient, non-judgemental and discreet. We expect them to respect themselves, their safety and their client. If you have these values above all else we would love to interview you with the intention of launching in approx. 2-4 weeks.

The Catch

After hearing all of this amazingness you’re probably wondering what the catch is, right? The catch is this. We can’t represent everybody. We do a lot for the escorts we represent and as such our services are very limited. The good news is we are still taking applications so if you are interested, please do apply to be a high-class Secret Desires escort. We are excited to hear from you. Click here to go to the application page.

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